Home Reports The US denounces Libyan National Guards entrance in Tripoli

The US denounces Libyan National Guards entrance in Tripoli



The United States expressed its concern about the entrance of tactical vehicles into the capital city “Tripoli” under the name of “Libyan National Guards,” which would escalate the already fragile instability.

The US state of the department, in a statement, on Saturday, demanded the Libyan authorities build national unified military forces under a civilian command capable of restoring security and fighting terrorist groups.

The statement said that “Daesh is the only one who would benefit from further disintegration, in the wake of security and political vacuum.”

The statement urged the Libyan authorities to fix the security and the political and economic crises in Libya via comprehensive national reconciliation program that preserves national unity and facilitates the transition to a new government via peaceful elections within the Libyan political accord.

Forces loyal to the National General Congress (GNC) and the Salvation Government that headed by Khalifa Al-Ghuwel announced, on Thursday, the formation of “the Libyan National Guards” to secure and protect the state institutions.