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NCHRL denounces returning migrants to Libya



The National Commission for Human Rights – Libya (NCHRL) denounced, on Thursday, the memorandum of understanding on the illegal migrants, which was approved by Italy and the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), last week.

The NCHRL denounced, in a statement, any legal or political proposal or project to return the African migrants and based them in Libya for the sake of the European interests regardless of the Libyan interests.

The statement said that the NCHRL would not accept the project and make Libya a center of immigration detention to protect Europe.

The NCHRL won’t agree to cancel the Libyan laws that criminalize the illegal migration. The NCHRL refused any calls for systemizing immigration status in Libya.

The NCHRL stressed that the European policies would negatively affect the duties of the European countries towards the migrants as the international and European laws say.

The statement added that the countries of the EU must not neglect the human nature of the migrants, who seek asylum to Europe after escaping from the poverty and violation they met in their original countries.

The NCHRL called all Libyan political sides to condemn the proposals of the Europeans.