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Misrata denounces military escalation in the South



The Misrata Military, the elders, the Municipal Council members, and the emergency operations chambers of Libyan air forces denounced the military escalation in southern Libya and the air shelling of the army of the House of Representatives (HoR) that targeted Al-Jufra Airbase.

They said, in a statement on Tuesday night, that “we denounce and condemn the dangerous military escalation in the southern area, and the latest shelling against Al-Jufra air base by a fighter jet affiliated with Dignity Operation.”

The statement added that “the shelling targeted a plane that was carrying officers for a social mission, to offer condolences, resulting in dead, injuries and damages to the plane and airport facilities.” The statement called all “forces and fighters to raise levels of preparedness.”

The statement stressed that “we welcomed and supported the efforts by Misrata municipality council of elders during its visit to our brothers in the eastern Libya, we offered our support, not because we fear or weak, but because of love and tolerance and raising the country interests. Such criminal acts undermine all reconciliation efforts, increase tensions, and prompt us to take decisive procedures to avoid such actions.”