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Tulty: PC to continue despite Al-Koni’s resignation



The spokesperson of the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Ashraf Tulty, said that the PC convened an emergency meeting following the resignation of the member of the PC, Moussa Al-Koni.

He stressed that all assignments issued from the PC to all ministers during the last 24 hours are all official, adding that Al-Koni’s decision “doesn’t reflect the position of the rest of the PC members.”

Tulty added that “in case Al-Koni had insisted on his decision, the PC shall continue performing its tasks,” but he predicted that Al-Koni would retract.

He also said that “the PC has no magic wand to face the existing challenges.”

Al-Koni announced, on Monday at a news conference, his resignation from the Presidential Council, citing “the PC failure in managing the country.” He added that “I adhere myself to the judiciary for all what I intentionally or not–intentionally committed during the last period.”

Al-Koni also held the PC the responsibility for all that tragedies felt during the last year, such as killings, kidnappings, and raping.