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Saddam Haftar causes embarrassment to his dad



A military source revealed that Saddam, the son of General Khalifa Haftar, had appeared in a military ceremony, in Jordan some time about two days ago, and was awarded the military rank of Captain.

The sources told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that giving this rank to Saddam, in the ceremony of graduating a military group affiliated with Haftar’s army, was illegal.

The award was widely criticized and caused uproar amongst activists loyal to the House of Representatives (HoR) that holds Haftar’s support.

The activists had circulated the photos of Saddam on the social media pages. They considered that as a start to devote the inheritance of power, which will make Haftar a carbon copy of Gaddafi.

The spokesperson of the army of Haftar, Ahmed Al-Mesmary, said that “the Capt. rank was given to the son of Haftar by the Jordanian military corporation to appreciate his dad’s efforts.”

It is significant mentioning that Saddam was given the rank while he is a civilian and not an army officer. In an attempt to justify that, Al-Mesmary said that “Saddam, as the Libyan youth who joins the army, had got a military course for nine months in Jordan and he attended the ceremony of his colleagues.”

On the other hand, an army officer close to the HoR had considered the action as illegal. He said that “the Capt. rank cannot be given to any person; it is only after ten years working continuously in official army one can achieve that level.” He added that “Saddam’s behavior is criticized by the military commanders of the first circle of Haftar.”

It is worth mentioning that Saddam had been criticized since 2011 amongst the Libyans who know him. In December 2011, Saddam led a militant group and stormed Al-Aman Bank in Tripoli.

Other reports said that Saddam had assaulted some army officers who are under the leadership of his father because they objected a governmental decision that appointed Saddam as a finance director in the Health Ministry of the Interim Government that is affiliated with the HoR.

Al-Araby Al-Jadeed said that close army sources stated that Haftar is no longer trusting those around him. He also appointed his two sons, Khaled and Saddam to communicate with some Arab governments that support Haftar.