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Kobler talks on the international food aid to Libya



The United Nations Special Envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, posted on his Twitter account, on Wednesday, that the International Food Aid Program has helped approximately 33,380 migrants between the 19th and 26th of December, in the Libyan areas of Al-Shatee, Morzoq, Ubari, Ghat, Al-Jafraa, Tarhoona, and the capital city, Tripoli.

It is worth mentioning that Kobler said, on Monday, that there are around 39,500 migrants received food aid between the 12th-18th of December. He also said, on Thursday of last week, that 68,484 migrants in Libya also received food aid and other forms of assistance to face the cold weather of winter season 2016.

He also mentioned that in the month of August approximately half of the Libyan residents, around 2.4 million people, needed humanitarian aid because of the Libyan crisis. Kobler also mentioned how 300,000 children are deprived of the right to the education.