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900 migrants rescued off Libyan coast



Approximately 900 migrants had been rescued off the Libyan coast, said an Italian coast guard on Wednesday. This rescue mission comes just three days before the end of the year 2016, which has already been a record year in the migration crisis.

Most of the migrants were picked up from two wooden boats overnight, and another 40 people were rescued from another boat at dawn. The rescue boat run by the charity SOS Mediterranean, the Aquarius has rescued Circa 400. The operators of the boats said that it had taken on board people of Eritrean, Bangladesh, Pakistani, Somali, and Syrian nationalities.

The Italian Interior Ministry stated that some 180,300 migrants had been registered this year at Italian ports, the figure went up to 10,200 since 2014. The United Nations (UN) had reported that 5,000 lives were claimed by the Mediterranean when migrants take the Libyan-Italian route.

Also, the Libyan Red Crescent discovered the bodies of 11 migrants, who attempted to undertake the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean, on Wednesday.

The volunteer at the Red Crescent, Mohannad Al-Fallah, said that “the teams from the Tripoli branch of the Libyan Red Crescent recovered 11 bodies washed up around Tripoli.” He added that “the teams in charge of recovering bodies were sent on Tuesday to several beaches around Tripoli, in residential areas where residents are accustomed to alerting authorities.”