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Qatari Red Crescent offers $5 millions humanitarian aid



The Qatari Red Crescent (QRC) announced, on Monday, a $5 millions urgent humanitarian aid to the hundreds of the displaced families from the city of Sirte, which recently was liberated from Daesh.

The humanitarian aid comes in response to the deteriorated services and challenging living situations; Sirte inhabitants face due to military operations against the group of Daesh. The QRC said in a statement that “such aid is provided by Qatari Development Fund, to cover the basic needs in health and services fields for six months, and for a year in water facilities. The aid targets 79 thousand Libyans living inside Sirte.”

The statement added that “all relief aid will be provided through Tunisia to guarantee the availability and speed response in time.”

From his side, the head of Qatari Development Fund, Khalifa Bin Jasem, said that “the relief aid will help loosen the suffering of citizens, especially in the vital sectors like health, water, and other needs.” He added that “the assistance and humanitarian interference for the inhabitants of Sirte are part of the humanitarian plan Qatar is carrying out in Libya.”

Bin Jasem, also, said that “it also falls within the humanitarian response plan for 2016 by the Qatari Development Fund, that includes the Iraqi Fallujah, and the Syrian people.”