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Final bid to save the CDA


By: Mohamed Berween*

Trying to save what could be saved from what is left from the

Mohamed Berween
Mohamed Berween

trajectory of the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA), I call all my colleague members to seriously finish the constitution writing, which we vowed to complete and work to bypass all our indifferences to achieve our target as soon as possible.

I think, for the CDA to succeed and achieve that lofty goal, there should be some steps to follow: First; All should accept the judiciary sentences, especially regarding the cancellation of the internal list modifications, ratified earlier by some members in the informal 67 sessions, convened on Tuesday, April 12.

Second: The outcomes of the (second) working committee must be considered as a launching base for the following discussions and talks of the CDA.

Third: Form a committee to gather all alternative suggestions for the (second) working committee outcomes, from boycotting members and others refusing the constitution project, within ten days from the adoption date. With one condition; talks and conditions should be only limited to the alternative proposals, discuss one article at a time to adequately reach consensus.

Fourth: The outcomes of the (second) working committee that was approved and no member opposed so far. Such results should be published in media and for the public opinion as part of the next constitution project.

Fifth: In case no consensus was reached regarding the disputed constitutional issues, then those articles should be referred to a “national neutral jury committee” to listen to all parties. That national committee should be formed from the representatives of the national elites, experts, notables, and elders, who are known for integrity and independence. Any rulings from the national committee are final and bound for all members.

Sixth: The CDA sessions should be made opened and public, discussions should be transmitted via media and TV channels so that Libyans across the country know what options are available and reasons for each.

Seventh: It is essential to publish the CDA’s deliberations on official websites and media. The media practitioners and the representatives from the civil society organizations must be allowed to attend the sessions according to arrangements put by the CDA.

Eighth: It is necessary to set a particular timetable, with a defined timing, and vow to finish the constitution within 45 days only.

Finally: Honestly, I call all respected colleague members of the CDA to accept that initiative, or propose other alternatives to save the CDA and correct its course. Judiciary had said its final word in matters we disputed around. We all have nothing but to respect the ruling so we can build our free and civilized nation and the state of law that we always dreamt of.

*A Member of the CDA

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source