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Allah had saved me from killing after abduction


By: Sheikh Osama Al-Treky*

Months ago, following my speech on a local radio station,

Sheikh Osama Al-Treky
Sheikh Osama Al-Treky

someone called me “threatening to blow me up if I ever spoke again” I sent his number to some officials in the security sector, but they underestimated the matter and likely did nothing.

Also, someone had sent me a private message with his own name saying, after long blasphemies “unless you shut up, we will kill you, throw you as a thrown dog.” We managed to identify him and his place, he was married with children. When some of my relatives went to him advising him to apologise, he said that I will meet Sheikh Osama only with the presence of some other Sheikh (he mentioned Misrata-based extremist figure), but with excessive pressures, he agreed to apologize in gathering with the two families. I preferred not to enlarge the matter.

Such threats forced me to quit prayers at the mosque, prayed Juma in a far mosque after our mosque imam frankly told me that “he is targeting me personally in his attack and incitement,” he said that “I did so for your speech on Al-Tnasoh channel.”

On Thursday, Dec. 22, 8 am, while delivering my kids to the school about 60 meters from home in Al-Dafnya, a Kalashnikov-armed man jumped and told me to stop and get down, then opened my side door, got me out and started to hit me with the weapon, strongly pushed me, shot a number of bullets beside my head among my children fear, then a friend of his came with blackout car, they pushed me in, directing his Kalashnikov at my chest, the other driver had a machine gun, he told me that “someone is looking for you,” he mentioned the name of a known Sheikh that I  had many issues with. Then, when we reached the entrance of Zreag area, a third one with Kalashnikov joined us, likely the main masterminds of the operation. When that third person stepped inside, he immediately started the beatings, on my face and body, insulting my family and religion, tried to kill me with a gun but the driver stopped him saying: don’t. He hysterically said that “I am the government, the state, and militias control. He madly screamed at my face, grabbed my bear saying “I am your mighty God.” He kept grabbing my beard until I saw the hair in his hands, then he said: you say (Libya Dawn Operation) are not martyrs, and so – and so is not right, and mentioned his relative injured in the war, so I said: I hadn’t said so, only God knows their intention and willing, then he insulted my family, uncle Ali Al -Treky, describing them as remnants. He threatened to kill me, then they took me to their home.

Tied in ropes, they put me inside the house, directly dragged me to their injured relative, wake him up saying that “we brought this atheist” and other heinous descriptions, other family members gathered, beat, tortured, and shaved my beard.

Critical alert: During the whole abduction until the end, they justified the matter as a personal issue between me and one of their relatives. But what I witnessed from hatred, planning, and waiting for three days, as they said, different weapons used, despite that they know I never carry a gun or have any security guards. Their words and actions, prove the matter is much bigger than just personal issues, especially that when I received their covert threats I asked to meet their elders to solve the problem legally, but they turned off their mobile phones. The strange thing is that someone posted on Facebook saying that Sheik Osama hit, his mentioned relative, with a stick, and broke his teeth and legs and detained him for three days.

That was pure lies, the liar went on saying: “Don’t make it a great deal, I just saw Sheikh Osama,” while I didn’t get out of my house on Thursday until I left Misrata at Al-Asr prayer.

I think posting such lies was meant to justify the ugly crime, which I think a result of an old dispute, as I once knew those who tortured me before “Libya Dawn Operation” and we had good relations, but hatred grew since I mentioned Hadith “both killer and victim in the hill” and mentioned Libya Dawn, they vigorously participated in Libya Dawn operations, they never discussed me. I don’t exclude the participation of other parties either with encouragement or incitement, but they are not courageous enough to do it themselves, though they use “personal dispute” as a cover for their target and revenge.

Back to the abduction, they got me out of their home using the same car, took me to a closed room with iron door inside a residential building for African workers. They tortured me in various ways, beatings, shaving my hair, and brought a bomb and threatened to blow it up, one of them threatened me with an axe.

They hadn’t rested until they brought a stranger whom I didn’t recognize, might be their gang leader, thin and wearing like the American bands with different necklaces around his neck and hand, with full body tattoos, that “living creature” since showing up, hasn’t stopped insulting God and the religion. With a smile, they asked him to share, so he approached me and asked: your name? I said: Osama Al-Treky, he continued: Gaddafi remnant Al-Treky is your relative? I answered: yes, my uncle. So, he bet me, turned to get something from this back, I guess a knife, but they pretended to stop him, so he grabbed a bottle and asked if that “Bukha” (kind of local alcoholic drink)? Then poured it inside my shirt in such cold weather, then got out and closed the door.

I sat alone in the room praying to God, I expected long detention or get killed, as one of them repeatedly requested moving me to Al-Sakt area, vast agriculture zone, and throwing me into a well, but after a while, with God’s mercy, one of them came, opened the door saying: Osama get out. I rejoiced as it was the first time for him to use my name, previously he used to call me with ugly words. I think they received a call from someone ordering to release me, as the news spread, some of my notable neighbors went, with my 13 years old son Mustafa, who witnessed the whole kidnapping, to Al-Dafnya police station and reported my abduction, others went to the common forces and other security bodies, then my abductors took me in a car, brought me home in Al-Dafnya.

When we approached, we found some people around my car so I got down far from home, they warned me of reporting or publishing any details, so once I got home, I asked my son and neighbors to cancel the police note and decided to leave Libya, I said: thanks to God I returned alive this time, but I don’t know if the next time will be the same. I made family to choose between their education or loosing me forever, so they decided to quit school and relatives, and we left Al- Dafnya at Al-Asr prayer on Thursday, and on Friday we left Libya with one direction tickets, despite injuries all over my face and body, but now me and my family are safe.

That was the whole story of my abduction. God knows that I only told the truth. I ask the mighty God to facilitate our matters, and if I was ever meant to return to Libya, I hope to see the end of corruption, injustice, and killings. My kidnappers and anyone else should know that the only reason that forced me to leave my country is to avoid being the reason for any strife, and i don’t want my family or relatives to harm anyone on my behalf but rather wait for justice. I only wrote this article to show the truth, hoping my students in Al-Asmarya College to excuse me for leaving Libya, I am ready to forgive those who kidnapped and tortured me, if the repented to God, quitted such injustice and deviation, our mighty God says “O My servants who believe! truly, spacious is My Earth: therefore, serve Me – and Me alone.” Scholars explained it saying “if you got harmed in a country, migrate to another.” I will not stay in Libya to be forced to worship that sheik or another, burnish Libya Dawn Operation or Dignity Operation or other parties that split the country apart. I will never forget my city, Misrata, country Libya, I will do my best to make it safe, so I wish for your prayers to win here and in the afterlife.

*A Libyan Sheikh and lecturer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source