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Shaha: We hijacked the plane to announce our party



One of the two hijackers of Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A320 announced that their primary demand is direct political elections in Libya away from the Political Agreement (PA) of Skhirat.

The Hijacker, Moussa Shaha, who had introduced himself as the head of Al-Fateh Al-Jadeed (New Fateh) political party, told a Libyan TV channel, on Saturday, that they had hijacked the plane for the sake of announcing their new political party.

Shaha stated that the are not part of any extremist group, confirming that all the passengers of the plane had left in peace and good health.

It is important to mention that a domestic flight from the city of Sabha, southern Libya, to the Libyan capital city, Tripoli, carrying 118 people was hijacked after it took off on Friday.

The hijackers took control of the plane, on Friday afternoon. The claims were confirmed at 2.50pm when one of the hijackers was standing at the door of the aircraft waving the Gaddafi regime green Libyan flag.

Reuters News Agency said that a Libyan minister was quoted saying that the two hijackers were seeking political asylum in Malta. Once the plane landed, at around 1.45pm an aircraft door opened and women and children came out first, they were followed shortly after by the rest of the passengers.