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Libyan meetings in Algeria to discuss Haftar’s future



Algeria hosted, in recent days, meetings and political discussions between the parties of the Libyan conflict to discuss possible solutions to come to political reconciliations regarding Shkirat agreement.

Libyan figures from both sides held, during the last week, discussions in the Algerian capital. Sources told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed website that “the head of Justice and Building Party, Mohamed Sowane and the member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Fathy Bashagha, on one side, and other figures from the HoR and the General National Congress (GNC) met in Algeria to reach a preliminary formula regarding the suggested modifications to the Shkirat accord, especially regarding article 8.”

Also, the talks tackled the future of the commander of the army forces loyal to the HoR, General Khalifa Haftar, within the future of the country. The Sources added that “the issue of Haftar position in the map of the future understandings, still a dispute, not just among the GNC and the HoR but also among the effective figures inside the HoR and the Interim Government of the HoR.”

The same sources said that “such meetings followed another by Libyan parties with the Egyptian military figures in Cairo, most notably Egyptian chief of staff, Mahmoud Hegazy.

Haftar wasn’t part of such discussions that coincided with his visit to Algeria on an official visit, within Algerian attempts to understand his political requirements, and to try to persuade him of the importance of actually engaging in the political efforts, in the light of threats facing the neighboring countries, such Algeria and Tunisia.”

The Algerian officials informed Haftar of various difficulties facing the military solution, which some regional countries are pushing towards, like Egypt.

According to identical information, Algeria government is trying to measure the readiness of Libyan parties to hold open dialogue in Algeria, in coordination with the Presidential Council (PC) whom president is likely to visit the country soon.

Algerian government thinks that the country is the perfect place for now to hold the Libyan –Libyan dialogue, for its stable positions with all parties, either allied with Tripoli or Tobruk governments, besides its moderate relations with the figures of the former regime.

Algeria is participating in a meeting inside Libya, in January, that will include officials from Libya neighbors to discuss mechanisms to support the Libyan dialogue, ministers from Chad, Sudan, Algeria, and Tunisia are expected to participate, while Egypt hasn’t yet announced its position.