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Ghat suffers without doctors



Ghat Municipal Council, southern Libya, warned of the seriousness of the medical situation inside the city for the absence of the specialized doctors in Ghat General Hospital, the only medical center in the city.

The head of Ghat hospital, Abdel Rasoul Mubarak, said, on Monday, that there are no specialized doctors for three years, only seven doctors working at the hospital.

Mubarak added that “Ghat hospital only depended on the visitor doctors from Misrata and other cities, who used to accompany charity organizations to diagnose patients and carry out surgeries, as the hospital failed to hire other doctors for the lack of need budget.”

Ghat hospital contains seven departments; medicine and obstetrics and gynecology, kidney disease, children, ear, nose, teeth, and roommate. Most of them became unable of providing services for patients with the absence of the specialized doctors and the lack of medicines and medical equipment.