Home Reports Armed group detaches steam unit in Zawya

Armed group detaches steam unit in Zawya



The spokesperson for the General Electric Company, Ahmed Fetouri, confirmed that an armed group stormed in Zawya dual station, on Sunday, forced citizens to detach the first steam unit with payload 130 megawatts, subsequently the second 150 megawatts steam unit went out.

Fetouri said that the board is doing its best to reduce bidding process, accelerate the return of the productive unit to the power system. He added, in news conference on Monday, that “the group forced the workers in the mentioned station to separate power transition lines that feed Tripoli. Those lines; Zawya – Zahraa, No: 1 – 2, 220-kilo volt, and Harsha – Zahraa with 220-kilo volt.”

He referred to the armed confrontations led to the detachment of Zawya – Janzour circles No: 1 and 2 with 400-kilo volts.

Fetouri added that such events had reduced the productive capabilities of Zawya station, for not being able to transmit the produced power through the lines.

He also warned of the continuity of such acts, that lead to a total blackout across the country.