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Western Coastal Youth Launch Peace Initiative



Peace Ambassadors initiative is launching, on Monday morning, from the city of Sabratha, west of Libya, was organized by more than 100 youth from the western coast and the mountain from college students and civil society activists, brokered by Sabratha municipality. The participants are to visit the coastal and the mountain cities for three days, to plant love and charity values, reach out for communication and peace between the youth of coastal and mountain cities.

During the event, different voluntary activities will be held, open communication sessions, and sports sessions.

The initiative aims at promoting a culture of peace and tolerance, qualifying human cadres capable of promoting peaceful coexistence values, reduce negative practices, and deepen the feelings of the responsibility among youth for the future of the country.

The participants had created the hashtag “#initiative _ambassadors _peace” to exchange views among members, also created a Facebook page for the event.