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Tunisian trafficker was sentenced in Italy



Italian judge had sentenced a Tunisian human trafficker for 18 years, for multiple counts of manslaughter, smuggling illegal immigrants, and causing the shipwreck that left 700 dead migrants in April 2015 off the Libyan coasts.

A prosecutor in the case in Catania, Sicily, had convicted Mohamed Ali Malek, 28 years old, as he was the captain of the wrecked boat. Malek behaved with enormous negligence as he maneuvered the ship that night. He also sentenced his assistant, 25 years Syrian, for five years. They were the claimed traffickers among the few who survived that night.

The Italian media quoted judicial sources saying that “the financial sentences against the two convicted worth €9.3 million for each, which is €15 thousands for every victim, besides compensations for the two Bangladeshi survivors whose lawyer said he heard nothing of them for a while.”