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Who is behind killing Al-Omrani?



The reactions to the killing of the member of Dar Al-Ifta of Tripoli, Sheikh Nader Al-Omrani, are reflecting a kind of ambiguity on the story and who did the crime.

The first news story that came in a published video said that the Crime-Fighting Device that affiliated to the Special Deterrence Force in Tripoli had abducted Al-Omrani and then killed him.

From its side, the Special Deterrence Force had issued a statement denying the accusation. The Deterrence Force stressed that the person who had appeared in the video is not one of its elements.

On the other side, observers said that it is very well known that Deterrence Force is led by followers of the Saudi Sheikh, Rabee Al-Madkhali, who issued some fatwas against some political and moderate Islamic leaders in Libya, including Al-Omrani.

In the same context, the League of Ulemas, Imams, and Preachers of the Sahel Countries had accused the followers of Al-Madkhali in Libya and described them as the fanatics and the gangs of takfir.

It is essential mentioning that Al-Madkhali’s followers in the eastern side of Libya are the main supporters of the army that led by General Khalifa Haftar. They are the supporting fighters with him in Benghazi.

In the same context, the spokesperson of Haftar’s army, Ahmed Al-Mesmary, said, last few weeks, that his forces are planning to start operations to control Tripoli after controlling Benghazi.

Earlier than that, some Egyptian army leaders confirmed that their air forces had carried out airstrikes on locations inside Libya to support Haftar.

Furthermore, it is essential to mention that LIBAYPROSPECT had published an editorial article, last September, on what some official Egyptian media had published accusing the Qatari intelligence services of preparing a list of Libyan army officers to be assassinated by the hands of Libyan officials and politicians.

The Egyptian media tried to involve Qatar and Turkey by saying that they were working to raise sedition between Haftar and the people of Barqa (Cyrenaica) by assassinating civilian activists and prominent military personalities.

Some observers say that the killing of Al-Omrani comes in the same context because Al-Omrani had criticized Al-Madkhali’s fatwas, so Haftar’s followers are one of the accused of killing him by the hands of Al-Madkhali’s followers.

Observers said that what’s been happening in Benghazi during more than two years on the hands of Haftar and his forces is threatening Tripoli. The spectators brought the examples of killing the human rights activist, Salwa Bogegeas and Abdul-Salam Al-Mesmary and others in Benghazi in 2014. They said that killing Al-Omrani is like those examples, accusing the followers of Al-Madkhali who are supporting Haftar in his fights.

The questions that could be raised here are: Who is behind killing Al-Omrani? Has the mentioned sedition already started? What is after this incident? What are the consequences?