Home Reports After abducting him, Al-Omrani’s killed

After abducting him, Al-Omrani’s killed



The General Investigation Device had published, Monday morning, a video shows a person named Haitham Omran Zintani, who talked about the abduction of Sheikh Nader Al-Omrani and the way they killed him.

Zintani said that one of the administrators of the Crime-Fighting Device named Abdul-Hakim Mgeadish, had killed Al-Omrani.

Zintani gave the details by saying that Mgeadish had put Al-Omrani in a deep hole and told him: Isn’t it shame on you to mislead the people after studying in Saudi Arabia and becoming a Sheikh?

Zintani added Al-Omrani had answered by saying that “I teach the people what I had learned in the University in Saudi Arabia.”

Zintani confirmed that Mgeadish had killed Al-Omrani by Kalashnikov gun and Al-Omrani had pronounced “Shahada” loudly and died.

Zintani described what happened while crying and asking Al-Omrani’s family for forgiveness. He then added that another person named, Ahmed Safi, started shooting in the air and over Al-Omrani’s head.

It is important to mention that Al-Omrani, the member of the research council in Dar Ifta, was kidnapped on 16/October/2016 in Tripoli.