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Trump .. Internally and Externally


By: Moftah Obaid Al-Mashai*

The new elected US president, Donald Trump, hails from a mixed

Moftah Obaid Al-Mashai
Moftah Obaid Al-Mashai

background of democrats and republicans, rose to power using (digital language). He spoke directly, letting aside courtesy, and breached protocols while addressing the public and media. With media, American people like freedom from any restrictions or inertia.

Trump didn’t speak about values, rights or women dignity, but rather talked about the economy and the living situations, didn’t use the language of businesspeople or money, but used the street language, focusing on what ordinary citizens think of the American economy. It did what Trump promised is unrealistic and unenforceable, but grabbed laborers and white voters.

It is true, Trump is an extremist, impulsive, his won came as a shock, but a state of division dominated the American society after the elections. Beside; minorities motives to vote for Clinton was fear of Trump and his electoral program while their vote for Obama was for victory. A huge difference between voting for victory and voting out of fear and self-defense. There is also a kind of division of the Republican party itself, such factors and others might undermine Trump’s abilities that he won’t be able to do what he wants or promised to do.

The American economic policy is built on capitalism, changing it requires a change in the whole capitalist system, capitalism serves the economic elites, accomplish what they want, Trump is one of them.

One can ask if we would see a leap in the US economy, and revive iron factories.

Such matter is not controlled by a political decision but the relations between production mechanisms, markets, and revenues. If Trump succeeded in finding a way through which steel industry could accomplish profit and competition in local and global markets, then it is possible. But that requires decreasing production costs which collided with certain factors, such as:

– The need for cheap labor, which in turn requires encouraging illegal migrant workers with no insurance or high wages or social insurance, such fact contradicts with his first promise regarding migration from Mexico.

– Thr development of the factories, so the industry becomes more quality and less fuel consumption.

– Opening new markets for the US products across the globe.

The collapse of the steel industry long ago, which ruined famous cities, occurred under consideration of the US governments, as it is a matter of profits and losses, which can’t be addressed, like Arab countries, by supporting cities or loss-making industries for placebo economy. US businesspeople won’t work at losing the project, no boasting or patriotism in capitalism.

In the internal US affairs; no change will occur in the economic matter, but it may become worse. Democrats lose for the presidency, and the parliament will shift opposition to the streets. Any provocation against minorities or races, especially black Americans, will result in riots and demonstrations.

Regarding the US foreign policy; the world had changed, and it is not the same it used to be during Clinton, Bush, or Obama eras. Things are moving fast, with economic developments, fierce competition for influence by Chinese corporations, besides China and India rapid growth across the space industry and the military sphere. All of that collide with the Republicans extremists’ mentality; many countries would move to form economic alliances with China, Russia; we might see ongoing changes in Trump cabinet.

For the Middle-East, all US actions serve only one goal, to protect the occupant Israeli, everything that serves that goal is a US policy objective. The relations between Republicans, the party, and the Gulf States is closer than Democrats because they are ties between families.

For Libya: The US would probably keep its current apathy, and ignorance, it will continue to support the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), proceed with its former projects. If there is any change to occur, it would be for currents allied with the Republican Party, politically represented in Khalifa Al-Ghuwel’s government, but that will contradict the international support to the PC, so the Republican allies might be persuaded to cope with the GNA.

For Haftar, he won’t be an option for the US, as he is old if they wanted to support a tyrant they would probably look for one-half of his age if we assumed that Haftar controlled Libya with acclaimed US support another revolt and a third civil war will arise after his death. In this case, the permanent solution and the most probable in Libya is to carry on the support of the United Nations and its efforts for the Political Agreement (PA).

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECTSource