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HoR .. Haftar .. insistence on imposing division



The official spokesperson of the Libyan army led by general Khalifa Haftar, affiliated to the House of Representatives (HoR), Ahmed Al-Mesmary, said that the international community left Libya prey for terrorists. He added that only his forces spared extremists from reaching Europe or Libya neighbors and that terrorists killed about 600 victims.

It is important to note that Al-Mesmary, the official spokesperson of the Libyan army supposed to work from inside Libya, is speaking from Egypt.

While Al-Mesmary is talking from Cairo about fighting terrorism in the eastern region, the United Nations Special Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) was meeting a delegate from Benghazi, where Haftar is waging his war. The meeting came within efforts to improve living situations for Libyans. The mission posted, Friday night, photos of the meeting without naming the delegate or its nature, or the place and timing of the session.

The UNSMIL said that “the United Nations convened with Benghazi delegate to coordinate cooperation on the humanitarian side, saving lives, medicines, education and displacements.”

One can raise the following question is: What made Benghazi delegate not to mention names of its members? Hasn’t Haftar and Al-Mesmary said they won in Benghazi? Haven’t Haftar, affiliate officials, said security prevailed in Benghazi and that all people are free, no more fear?

From another side, there is an apparent collusion between the HoR and Haftar. Haftar is insisting on refusing to recognize the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), and as well the HoR, or better to say HoR presidency.

The advisor of the HoR president, Fathy Mariamy, is spelling out another reason for not granting the GNA vote of confidence. He stated that “the Libyan people don’t trust the names in the proposed cabinet, and question the ability of this government to accomplish stability and security.”

Mariamy also is making statements from Egypt, speaking as if the HoR is a political party with an official spokesperson. Speaking as if agreement prevails the HoR, forgetting that more than half of members already voted for the GNA and the Presidential Council (PC).

The HoR presidency and some members are aligning with Haftar, who is continuing his crimes against the city of Derna, that drove Daesh out months ago.

Haftar’s army, as put by the State Council member, Mansour Al-Hassady, is still bombing relevant institutions and positions inside Derna.

He also called on the PC and HoR and the International Community to interfere and stop what he called “Haftar regression against Derna.” Al-Hassady added, to Anadolu News Agency that “Derna is under continues regression by Haftar’s forces, using airplanes and artillery, which amount to war crimes.”

Al-Hassady asked the PC, as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, to issue a decision “to halt all offensive acts against Derna, and all military operations, considering those who violate or disrespect the decision as outlawed.”

He added that “if the PC is unable, then the International Community should step in,” confirming that “he met with the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, and asked him to act and stop the operations on Derna.”

Earlier, Derna local municipality demanded the immediate lifting of the blockade imposed for more than a year, expressed its astonishment of “the PC silence and the position of the HoR in Tobruk. Asked them to hold full responsibility in front of the city”.

The Operation “Dignity” under the leadership of Haftar is seizing Derna from the eastern entrance, preventing entry of goods, gas or fuel, which caused a difficult humanitarian situation.

Some observers said that “it is a shame for the so-called Libyan army, and the HoR, to express their opinions from outside Libya, which they seek to stabilize.”

Some blame the International Community who carelessly dealt with, and still, the Libyan cause, and allowed blatant interference by neighbor countries to strike inside Libya without explicit coordination with the PC or clear targets.