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US continues airstrikes on Sirte under requests from GNA



According to Reuters News Agency, the United States had declared that it is still prepared to carry out airstrikes against the extremist militant group, Daesh in Sirte, if they are requested to do so by the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA), even though Daesh no longer controls most of the city of Sirte in Libya.

Since August 2016, the USA started to carry out more than 350 airstrikes against the terrorist group, at the request of the GNA. However, since the 31st October, no airstrikes have been made. According to Reuters, the Pentagon spokesman, Peter Cook, said that “if additional air strikes are needed, we will be prepared to deliver those airstrikes.”

Daesh took control of the city of Sirte in early 2015; it was their final stronghold. Once they lose Sirte, the terrorist organization will have no territorial control in Libya. The Libyan forces loyal to the GNA “Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous” have surrounded Daesh militants in part of the Al-Jiza Al-Bahreya province. According to Reuters, the US officials estimate that Daesh only controls a few blocks of the city by a few dozen of Daesh fighters.