Home Reports The released Italian talks about his abducting time in Libya

The released Italian talks about his abducting time in Libya



An exclusive interview with one of the two Italian nationals who was recently abducted in Libya, Bruno Cacace, covered everything from his experience being abducted, life in captivity and plans.

The Italian website of La Republica recently interviewed one of the two Italians who was abducted in Libya; LIBYAPROSPECT has translated most of its parts for its readers.

The 56-year-old Italian national, Bruno Cacace, from Borgo San Dalmazzo, said that “time never passed.” When he was asked why he chose to work in Libya of all places, he stated that the “country makes you fall in love,” but after that experience, he doesn’t know if he will return to Libya.

La Republica reported the that the only way he was able to survive in captivity was by trying not to think about his family, so he doesn’t fall into depression, the abductees tried to make each other laugh while abducted to keep their minds away from their families. He also said that they gave their kidnappers nicknames and made jokes on them.

La Republica said that Cacace stated that they have never been subjected too violent while captive, they only ate pasta, which did not taste nice. The biggest challenge for them was letting the day’s pass because “You have nothing to do,” as he said.

Then, La Republica asked Cacace why he decided to go back to Libya; he said that at first, it was a regular job, but once he went to Libya he fell in love, he used to work in Derna and Benghazi before they were declared off limits. He was recently in Ghat, which he describes as an ‘ancient and beautiful city”. They never had electricity often, but people were helpful.

Even though he was attacked before he still didn’t fear for his safety after the first attempt, he said that he was kidnapped by ordinary bandits the first time, which is something that can also happen in Italy. However, the recent kidnapping was different. He said that they weren’t interested in his car or his money, so he knew it was not the same situation as before.

La Republica concluded the interview by asking him about where he will go. Next, he said that he would go to France to see his daughters and spend more time with his daughters.