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El-Barghathi accuses Haftar of deteriorating Benghazi



The Libyan Defense Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), El-Mahdi El-Barghathi, said, in a press release on Sunday, that the Commander of the Army of the House of Representatives (HoR), Khalifa Haftar, is responsible for the deteriorating security situation and the abduction operations in the city of Benghazi.

El-Barghathi called the inhabitants of Benghazi to participate in supporting the State institutions and the law. He added that no army battalion was built in Benghazi.

El-Barghathi stated that what is going on in Benghazi is a rollback and a terrorism making because there is no any disciplined security body.

He stressed that there is no any army in Benghazi and that the fighters under the leadership of Haftar are civilians.

El-Barghathi talked about the armed groups who are in the crescent oil region are “mercenaries,” adding that they are planning to attack Al-Jufra.

El-Barghathi said that Haftar controlled the crescent oil region because of social disputes and not by an army battle. He vowed that he would retrieve the region from inside because the residents of the area knew who control the oil ports.

El-Barghathi accused the leadership of the Operation “Dignity” of Haftar of being behind the operations of kidnapping. He pledged that he will not let the crime of killing the Battalion “204” members go without punishment.

From its side, the Defense Ministry of the GNA had issued a statement accusing the Haftar’s armed groups of killing the member of the battalion “204”, Ayad Salem Al-Sowayeh.

The statement said that Al-Sowayeh was killed after kidnapping him by the hands of the armed group affiliated to Haftar.

The Ministry stated that after two days of arresting Al-Sowayeh, he was found killed and thrown on the wayside nearby the city of Al-Marj.