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Gaddafi supporters and Haftar



The political advisor of the head of the House of Representatives (HoR), Abdallah Atamna, talked openly, confirming that some officers inside the army led by General Khalifa Haftar are supporters of Gaddafi, which matches statements made by some displaced families from Benghazi.

Even the HoR, Atamna confirmed, include members and workers who are Gaddafi supporters, from Benghazi, which adds to the latest decision to allow the return of some prominent figures from Gaddafi era, like Al-Tayeb Al-Safi who was warmly welcomed in Tobruk.

It isn’t the first time for Atamna to make such stark statements, and here he is declaring his support to Gaddafi, adding that those who were killed along with Gaddafi, when the later was caught in Sirte, are freemen and revolutionaries.

The story could be linked to what was revealed by the official at Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement, Ibrahim Baghdadi, about the relations between Gaddafi-era officials and Darfur rebels to form a militia army to fight with Gaddafi forces during February revolution in 2011 against the Libyan revolution.

The Justice and Equality Movement is now fighting with Haftar in his war in Benghazi, which is considered by one Sudanese official as “a pure business.”

At the same context, the UK-based moderate Islamist activist, Saad Amer, expressed his resentment from the revival of Gaddafi inner security division officials to perform their ordinary activities in Benghazi, following the same methods and methodology.

Amer, from Benghazi, migrated to Britain during the nineties for being pursued by Gaddafi security, said that “Benghazi is falling under the effect of security dominance suppressing people.” He added, via his Facebook page, that “Benghazi won’t recover until my friends and family be able to express their opinions freely, and comment on my tweets.”

Others from Benghazi asked to remain anonymous for security considerations, stressed the same notion, and said that “Haftar forces are backed by Gaddafi security officials controlling Benghazi.” They added to that, the internal security device when accusing someone of being anti –Haftar, deliberately questions him to know what role he played during the revolution to then confiscate his rights and properties.

Haftar supporters in Benghazi say the army won and the city is recovering, but one of the city displaced said “Haftar supporters are of different types; some think that those who don’t oppose won’t be harmed, some back Haftar out of their opposition to the revolution itself, others only support Haftar because they hate Islamists, moderates or not”.