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February revolutionaries’ opinions in the 5th anniversary



20 October, marks the fifth anniversary of the death of Muammar Gaddafi, the day the revolution triumphed and came to an end. The country was handed over to its citizens, hoping well management and disposition, continue the path to what Libyans demanded and revolted to achieve. A real liberalization, tragic end, Libyans then saw it is the best solution, and indeed (the snake’s head was severed) and Gaddafi, with 40 years long of tyranny and holistic rule, was killed. So, today is a day to remember for every free Libyan, but this anniversary was celebrated differently across years.

Revellers see today as a day that marks the end of the tyrant, which is they regard the greatest victory of February revolution. Their brothers on the same fighting front only bear some differences, they feel joy for the death of the dictator, but sorrow for the revolution, which, they say, was killed by its people.

A third team mercy upon Gaddafi, claiming “we lost security,” a report by Libya Al-Mostakbal website, surveyed some February revolutionaries along different sects, ages (as translated here by LIBYAPROSPECT).

Abdulla Al-Kabeer, the London-based journalist, said that “five years ago, February revolution achieved its first goal, the toppling of the dictator and his regime, but no substitute was established, which was its primary aim, revolutions relapse if they can’t provide a better alternative. There are a lot of hurdles along the way; the most dangerous is the current struggle between Gaddafi heirs, the counter-revolution wings. For the revolution to continue the path, the former regime should be toppled with all its aspects, including its opposition factions, which wasn’t properly formed but just reactions to the tyranny of the regime. Homesick to Gaddafi era is natural, humans by nature seek stability and security and mostly don’t care much about freedom”.

The report also quoted Hend Shobar, the head of Al-Nasr development association, saying that “with Gaddafi killing, Libyans folded an age of dictatorship, ignorance and poverty in a country very rich with resources of which Libyans were banned. I will not mercy this era, I wish the current stage is a change for the better, and that Libyans enjoy the wealth of their country, perform democracy in the highest sense, and that Libya would be a civilized state. And for those who mercy Gaddafi era I say: Libyans now are free from an individual worship, knowing that ballot boxes are the only way to determine its fate. And despite all challenges and obstacles, I am very sure that Libya will rise again, where citizens will enjoy a decent life, sooner or later”.

From his side, Abdul-Gader Mitig, the head of Tripoli Youth National Assembly said that ” Gaddafi ended, but unfortunately his thoughts and ideology still alive for many, chaos and lawlessness still prevail. We still refuse the other, yes we removed Gaddafi, but we haven’t yet planted reconciliation, haven’t established law or order that will fulfil our dream of the long-awaited nation”. He added that “Gaddafi wasn’t the only dilemma, but attaining justice, law and orders are the basic for any real change.”

Mohamed Sallak, the Benghazi based journalist, said that “the killing of Gaddafi, should set an example for those who were deceived by power, money, and authority, red carpets and sycophants. Those who mercy Gaddafi era, we may speak as much as we could about sufferings we face today that bore the fingerprints of the former regime, but that doesn’t exempt the faults of those who followed”.

The report also quoted Mohamed Douma, the former member of the National General Congress (GNC), saying that “politically, Gaddafi era was much better than today. He had pros and cons, but, subjectively, he preserved Libya sovereignty”, and about his killing, Douma said that “it’s a religious matter more than political, it is Sunna to ask mercy for all dead Muslims”.

The journalist, Ali Nashwan, said that “despite current problems that affected everyone with no exception, it makes us forget past joys that were accomplished with Libyan sacrifices. The end of 40 years of darkness should be an example and opportunity for all parties to reconcile, media should support that direction to serve the country, instead of backing one side over the other, disarraying in ways that help no one”.

Abu-Bakr Qatrany, the federalist activist, said that “every tyranny must come to an end, the end of Gaddafi was an example for every dictator. At that moment, Libyans rejoiced the end of falsity, injustice, and poverty, but unluckily, there came those who stopped and stole their dreams, tried to reproduce injustice using the same Gaddafi mechanisms”.

The activist from Tripoli, Ahmed Al-Usta, said that “honestly, given the current circumstances, lack of cash, killings, weapons proliferation, sometimes I mercy Gaddafi. But when I remember the tens of thousands of martyrs he killed, I say he is the only one that must be blamed for our current status, and no matter how worse things turned to be, we will love Libya and imprecate Gaddafi”.

Al-Baida activist, Abu-Bakr Belal Al-Amin, said that “every time the anniversary of the killing of the tyranny, and each time I see his followers waiting for any opportunity to reemerge, I thank God that was his worthy fate.”

Abu-Bakr Al-Msellaty, from Misrata, said that “despite difficulties we have gone through since 17th February, wars, losing friends and family, lack of cash, rising prices, we will not regret our revolution or the killing of Gaddafi. And we will celebrate this occasion as long as we live, and will sacrifice everything for freedom”.