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Sanalla calls Al-Zintan for reopening oil valve



The head of the National Oil Company (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla, announced that the NOC would assess lawsuit at the Attorney General Office against the group that closed the valve of the two oil fields, Al-Feel and Al-Sharara.

Sanalla said, on the sideline of the seminar on the oil in Ras Lanuf, that an armed group from the city of Al-Zintan closed the valve that located in Al-Ryaina city.

Sanalla pointed that all of the cooperative efforts to convince the group have been failed. He added that the group didn’t respect any efforts, including the efforts of Al-Zintan council who failed to enforce a meeting minutes.

The meeting was attended by the Italian company, Eni Gas, and the Spanish company, Repsol.

The meeting concluded with an agreement to establish sustainable development projects in Al-Zintan in exchange for reopening the valve. But the meeting couldn’t do anything about it.

Sanalla called the group to open the valve, promising them to get their rights from the NOC, if they have any rights. He also called the wise men of Al-Zintan to advise the group to reopen the valve because it is the best way for them.