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State Council to issue a statement on recent developments



A member of the State Council told Libya Al-Mostakbal Website, Friday night, that the members of the General National Congress (GNC) who controlled the pervious GNC headquarters are the same ones who refused to join the State Council after signing the Political Agreement (PA).

The source clarified that this group of GNC members are the ones who support the former head of the GNC, and they are just a very few number of people, according to Libya Al-Mostakbal.

The source also said that this group, who entered the headquarter, was under the leadership of the first deputy head of the GNC, Awad Abdul-Qader, and the head of the National Salvation Government, Khalifa Al-Ghuwel.

He added that they were supported and helped by an armed group, taking the advantage of the official weekly holiday “Friday”.

The source confirmed that the State Council will meet urgently, Saturday morning, the head of the committees to discuss the situation. He added that the State Council will issue a statement to clarify its attitude towards what happened.