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Breaking News: GNC announces its return to headquarter



The General National Congress (GNC) said in a statement, Friday night, its return to the original headquarter in Tripoli, calling the National Salvation Government to start working from its headquarters.

The statement stressed that February revolution is still existing and its goals are not negotiable because it is now stronger than ever.

The deputy head of the GNC, Awad Abdul-Qader, added, in the statement, that the GNC made its effort to keep security.

The statement said that although it’s the duty of the successive governments to maintain security but the GNC faced more than 250 attacks, wisely, without firing one shot.

It added that the GNC had valued the sensitivity of the situation, considering the size of the conspiracies against the Libyan people to divide the unity of Libya and causing the civil wars to destroy the revolution.

The GNC confirmed that it would stay in the political scene in the future once the Libyans unite on a popular initiative, either by accepting one of the initiatives or through legislative and executive elections.

The statement called the internal and external factions to participate, honestly and realistically, to resolve the political crisis in Libya.

The GNC confirmed that February Revolution will play its duties and take the responsibility, vigorously and efficiently.