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Kobler in Algeria praising Algeria’s support to Libya



The United Nations envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, said, on Thursday, that there is a match in views with Algeria on the situation in Libya.

In his meeting with Algerian Minister of the Maghrebi issues and the African Union, Abdul-Qader Messahel, Kobler stated that “we exchanged views and we ultimately agreed that we have matching views in how to resolve the Libyan crisis.”

Kobler added that it is not easy to solve at all because the House of Representatives (HoR) hadn’t endorsed the Government of National Accord (GNA) even after ten months of signing the Political Agreement (PA).

Kobler said that Libyans must carry on the talks depending on this PA because there is no alternative, “they must implement the PA,” he said.

He stressed that the HoR must endorse the new GNA and the Libyan factions have to continue to come to an agreement because their people are suffering the shortage of the principle services such as the drinking water and electricity crisis.

Kobler described the role of Algeria as “significant,” he also admitted that the support of the neighboring countries and the UN is vital.

He pointed that the neighboring countries meeting of the coming week will discuss the terrorism and illegal migration issues.