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Gzeat calls PC members to for the nation



The member of the State Council in Tripoli, Abul-Qasem Gzeat, had published an open letter to the Presidential Council (PC) in their meeting in Tunisia for reforming the ministerial council of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

Gzeat started his letter by calling the nine members of the PC: “Dear nine brothers.” Then he implored them “as dearest brothers and sons of the homeland that suffers so much, politically, economically, and in security,” to Triumph for the nation and the citizen, who struggles from migration, losing security, and shortness of living and hope.

He called them to leave the controversy even if it appears deep because it is just situational transitory. He also urged them to recognize how Libya must have the priority before the tribe, city, and region.

Gzeat asked the nine PC members not to listen to the greedy around you, not to pay attention to the narrow-minded who cause sedition and to consider the homeland.