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Why is the Animosity Towards The West?


By: Osama El-Gleab*

Europe damaged itself much more than it damaged our region;

Osama El-Gleab
Osama El-Gleab

both WWI and WWII were the cause of significant destruction and millions of casualties, yet, in the end, they understood that war is for no one. Living in harmony and abiding by certain laws and rules is what creates nations and develops mindsets.

Why all this animosity towards the West?

Even during the colonization periods, great nations would fall, and others would take its place. We need to put the past behind us, slowly we’re becoming secluded and growing more and more complex. What is strange is that, in spite of us trying to isolate ourselves away from the world, we took on the world of media and adapted it in our daily lives. The world is more than ever a global village and those who wish to isolate us will fail.

Once more, why all this animosity?

Libya is a small country; we have interests in other nations as other nations have interests in Libya, which causes the relationships between countries to move by their interests. There’s a significant difference between our enemies and neighboring countries that see Libya as an opportunity. There’s a difference between those who wish to provide excellent services and relations, and those who want to keep us in the dark ages, backward, mumbling phrases resembling communism and Marxism, phrases that will have little to no effect on the current state affairs.

We want to be a loving, productive and peaceful nation, turning over the pages of hatred. Life was not created for bickering, struggling, endless blood and destruction, we raised in fear of dictators such as Abdel Nasser, Assad, Saddam, and Gaddafi, all we learned was violence and anger, in addition to pessimism and corruption, they turned our countries into ignorant unproductive aggressive environments.

Those who observe Libya from afar, and realize the magnitude of the havoc caused by governments will immediately sympathize with the pain that people suffer daily, unable to forge their path in a forsaken land of lost opportunities with minimal guidance, a path that would guarantee a prosperous future, healthier, with access basic human rights and health care, a way that will produce a better person.

The West is not our enemy, we are our enemy, and we need to hold ourselves responsible for the ongoing calamity. The phrase “the West will not allow it” needs to disappear from the dictionary, it’s a myth that must be quashed.

We’re in dire need of realism and contemplation to escape our severe emotional state to a more practical one, what can we do to improve our country? What dangers does it face? How can we build fruitful relationships? We cannot deny the fact that we, as a nation, are stuck in the ICU waiting for others to offer honest help.

*A Libyan Writer