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Raied: Haftar is not accepted to rule Libya



The member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Mohamed Raied, denounced what the commander of the Army of the HoR, General Khalifa Haftar, said to Associated Press news agency (AP) that Libya needs an expert military commander.

According to Solidarity News Agency (SNA), Raied stated, on Thursday, that what Haftar said was just his opinion, but it looks like an announcement to start ruling Libya by force as he dreams.

Raied added that “we will not accept the return of the military ruling in Libya as what happened in Egypt,” clarifying that “we are with building the army and police institutions unified under the umbrella of State as the other institutions.”

Raied also said that “even if I assume that we accept a strong military commander to rule Libya, but we will not accept a controversial personality has a history of coups against legitimacy and causing chaos.”

Raied stressed that the controversial figures, civic or military, must disappear from the Libyan political and military scene.

Raied pointed that Haftar acts as if he is the only one who knows the interests of the country and the only one who can save Libya with no actions of the other Libyans, who may be Haftar thinks they have no role or even nationalism.