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Egyptian Official: Egypt intervention in Libya is coming soon



The assistant of the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Ahmed Al-Quesni that, in a precise moment, the Egyptian leadership has to intervene militarily in Libya.

Al-Quesni told Alwasat website that this intervention is for maintaining the Egyptian national security. He added that it is to support the stability in Libya as well as for protecting Libya from the Western ambitions.

He revealed that this would be for securing the borders through air surveillance and monitoring operations that needed for military and security reasons in Libya including the Libyan Sea ports.

Al-Quesni added that when the Egyptian forces present on the ground and in the air and sea, the Westerners will think many times before moving towards Libya. He pointed that the western interests are old colonial.

He stressed that the shared interests between Libya and Egypt bigger than just thinking. Confirming that Egypt will move to defend itself and its national security. Al-Quesni also confirmed that “we will soon move militarily inside Libya, and Egypt will stand idly.”

Al-Quesni said that Egypt is supporting General Khalifa Haftar, pointing that the unknown warplanes fly over Libya are Egyptian ones because “we will not let any side to take the oil ports in the crescent oil region from the Libyan people.”

He considered that if Egypt is involved in the equation then the situation will be changed in Libya and the westerners will not attack the Libyan grounds.