Home Editorial Conflicting news and provocations on airstrike on Jufra

Conflicting news and provocations on airstrike on Jufra



Contradictory reports regarding air strikes on Tuesday, leaving behind seven dead civilians as well as several wounded in the municipality of Jufra about 650km southeast of Tripoli.

The official spokesman for General Khalifa Haftar’s forces, Ahmad Al-Mismari, stated that the aircraft took off from Misrata air base in an attempt to bomb the twelfth brigade based in the Jufra region.

Al-Mismari added that the Misrata jets missed their targets and instead attacked families near the Sulphurous Springs in the Natural Nina architectural project. The Twelfth Brigade did not suffer any losses.

On the other hand, the official spokesman for the air force emergency room in Misrata, Mohamed Guenono, denied the reports regarding aircraft taking off from Misrata to target families in the Nina project.

Guenono affirmed in a TV interview that the spokesman of the third force must approve such information, noting that the goal of such launches is to keep an eye on the Islamic State (IS) forces fleeing from the city of Sirte and to provide protection for Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous. As for the Barak Shati, Sabha and Jufra regions, any aircraft circulating over those areas would available upon request only.

This illustrates the amount of provocation Misrata forces suffer while they’re too busy fighting a war against the IS in the city of Sirte. They’re now facing another rival trying to lure them into a civil war while they’re exhausted, away from the existing fight with the IS.

The other suspicious issue was that a number of social networking pages deliberately published a piece on one of Haftar’s military figures, as he warns civilians from approaching military bases in the city of Misrata, as well as to stay away from its air base and marine ports, in addition to checkpoints commanded by Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous, finishing with “you have been warned”.

There is no doubt that the bombing incident was painful to all, the deputy head of the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Moussa Al-Koni, denounced the criminal attack on the Jufra region.

Al-Koni tweeted that the Defense Ministry is currently investigating the incident and all involved parties, clarifying that there will be no tolerance when it comes to civilian lives.

Targeting civilians by a helicopter machine gun particularly at this time, which some claim that it can fly low and confirm whether the targets are civilian or not, is an unforgivable crime of course. The question here is; who is behind it? And how will the perpetrator benefit from this act in the future?