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Al-Fursan Battalion closes coastal way



A source from the Battalion “Al-Fursan” in Janzour, west of Tripoli, said that elements of the battalion had closed the coastal road at the bridge “17”, on Tuesday.

The source told Alwasat Website that the reason for closing the main road is operations of abducting and arresting people on their identity at the checkpoint “27”.

The source added that the abducting and arresting had been carried out because the abductors demand the release of jailed persons in Tripoli for crimes of abductions.

The battalion said the if the notables will not intervene to keep their promise to protect the people from kidnapping then they will consider the agreement of opening the coastal way as canceled.

It is worth mentioning that the coastal way was reopened days before Eid Al-Udha after intermediating of cities and tribe on the western side of Libya and the reconciliation between Zawia City and Wersheffana.