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Winer: Oil revenues must go to GNA



The American Special Envoy to Libya, Jonathan Winer, said that the United States supports re-exporting the Libyan oil as long as the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli will get the oil revenues.

Winer told AFP, on Wednesday, that “the key is that oil won’t be diverted to anyone else other than the recognized government of Libya.”

He added that “the oil needs to be produced throughout the country to generate the revenues necessary to pay for salaries for the Libyan people to have the government be able to function and to be able to provide services.”

Winer stressed that the “oil has to be exported according to lawful contracts with the proceeds going to the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) whose main offices are in Tripoli.”

He clarified that “if the oil is going in the government’s revenues and the government supports that, there is no action for the international community to take.”

But, according to Winer, “if the oil were to be diverted towards any particular group, new bank accounts to be set up, oil being sent to parties who have not had contracts for the oil already, the US will seek to enforce UN Security Council resolutions.”