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Italy to build hospital for wounded Libyan soldiers



The Italian Defence Minister, Roberta Pinotti, said that Italy had received a request from the Government of National Accord (GNA) to build a field hospital in Libya. The field hospital is to treat the wounded soldiers, who are in the midst of the war with the terrorist group, Islamic State (IS), in Sirte. Pinotti stated that the hospital could be in operation within the coming three weeks.

Pinotti said that the GNA asked for the hospital in early August, in a letter to the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, then sent two renaissance teams to assess the facilities needed.

The hospital will be built in Misrata and will have 50 beds and include a surgical team, it will also accommodate 65 medical personnel, 135 support staff, and 100 paratroopers for a 24/7 protection force, according to Pinotti.

Pinotti added that a plane would be on standby at the airport, ready for an emergency evacuation as well as a ship, which will be stationed offshore to offer extra support and additional security.