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Dialogue Committee called PC to solve its problems



The Political Dialogue Committee called, on the second day of meetings in Tunisia, the Presidential Council (PC) to solve its problems before the formation of the new government.

A close source to the dialogue meetings said that the Tuesday morning session witnessed verbal altercations between the head of the PC, Fayez Al-Sarraj, and the two PC members, Al-AlQatrani and Fathi El-Majbari.

The two members called Al-Sarraj to form a small government that can bring political and geographical balance in Libya. But Al-Sarraj hasn’t clarified if he will work on creating new government or reducing the ministerial portfolios in the current government.

The PC member, Abdul-Salam Kujman said, in a press release., that the political dialogue committee asked the PC to solve its problems, so all of its members must return to the meetings to discuss the formation of the new government. Kujman said that “we are working on gathering all of the PC members, especially after our colleague, Ali Al-Qatrani, showed us the flexibility and also after the return of our colleague, Omar Al-Aswad.

According to the source, the morning meeting couldn’t achieve final consensus. The source added that Al-Qatrani and Al-Aswad stressed on the necessity of forming a new government. They also said that all of the previous PC decisions must be canceled because they weren’t taken by all of the PC members, adding that it is essential to address the consequences of those decisions.