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Al-Harshani: We need to cooperate against IS



The Tunisian Defense Minister, Farhat Al-Harshani, said, on Tuesday, that North African countries need intensify cooperation to prevent the elements of the Islamic State (IS) group, who are fleeing Sirte, from returning to their original countries.

Al-Harshani told journalists, in Paris, the real danger is the IS elements who escape to the south to join Boko-Haram, and some of them go to the west.

He stated that there is no regional strategy, adding that although there are anti-terrorism laws, “we need evidence to prove if anyone is a terrorist.”

Al-Harshani said that the international cooperation is not enough because it is a decisive moment and the risks surround the whole region, so “we need to cooperate before it is too late.”

It is worth mentioning that Tunisia estimates the number of its citizens who traveled to join the terrorist group four thousand. Tunisia fears that this figure would return after the IS defeat in Sirte.

From his side, the French Defense Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said that the spread of terrorism must be tackled. He clarified that the terrorist it is dangerous and “we cannot face them without a real cooperation between all of the neighboring countries in the region.