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81 suicidal operations by IS in August

Amaq - Internet


The Islamic State (IS) group publishes its detailed statistics of the suicide operations of the month August in Iraq, Syria, and Libya.

The IS News Agency, Amaq, published a graph shows that the elements of the IS carried out 81 suicidal operations in the three countries in just one month, which is equivalent to three operations every day.

According to the statistics, 42 IS elements blew themselves up against the Iraqi government forces and Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq.

Nineveh Governorate in north Iraq witnessed the biggest number of the suicidal operations, which is around 20 operations. Then Salahuddin Governorate comes after, which saw around 14 operations.

Three IS elements blew themselves up in Karbala, while Baghdad, Kirkuk, Diyala, and Al-Anbar witnessed one operation.

In Syria, the IS elements carried out 26 suicidal operations, 16 in Aleppo, four in Al-Hasakah, three in Deir az-Zor, two in Damascus, and one in Idlib.

The IS suicidal operations targeted the Kurdish units by 14 operations in Syria, seven against the Syrian rebels, two against the Syrian regime, and two against Peshmerga forces.

In Libya, the IS graph shows that its elements carried out 12 suicidal operations in Sirte. The IS made 64 operations by blowing up bombing vehicles; seven operations used explosive belts, six explosive vests, and four operations were carried out by two elements each.