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Saleh denies refusing to visit Qatar

Saleh didn’t refuse the invitation of the Qatari Officials - Internet


The Head of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ageela Saleh, denied what was attributed to him by the Egyptian Magazine, Al-Ahram Alaraby, which said that he refused the invitation to visit the State of Qatar.

Saleh confirmed that he insists on co-operating with all the world for the sake of bringing stability to Libya.

The Media Advisor of the presidency of the HoR, Abdul-Karim Al-Maremy, said in a statement, on Sunday, that Saleh assures the firm relationship between Libya and all of the Arab countries and good neighborly.

Saleh pointed that his remarks on Qatar was directed out of the original context and then misunderstood, confirming that he keeps collaborating with the countries of the world to stabilize Libya and end its crisis.

Saleh stressed on the urgent need for the political convergence and casting disagreement aside for the sake of stabilization in Libya and building its institutions by democracy in Libya by Libyan will.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Ahram Alaraby Magazine said, at the beginning of August, that Saleh refused an invitation from Qatar because it is supporting terrorist groups and Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, according to the Magazine. But Saleh denied these allegations.

The press release of Saleh came, at that time, when he talked about a verbal invitation through the Omani Foreign Minister, Youssef Bin Alawi, to visit Qatar, during his visit to Oman to meet the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler.

Saleh didn’t refuse the invitation of the Qatari Officials, but he welcomed it without setting a date.