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Kobler: UN opened investigation on arms supply



The UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, said, on Sunday, that the UN has already opened investigations about the supply of arms to Libya.

Kobler said, in a press conference with the Algerian Foreign Minister for African and Maghreb Affairs, Abdul-Qader Messahel, clarified that the results of the investigations would be transformed to the Security Council.

According to Kobler, there are 26 million pieces of weapons in the hands of millions of Libyans that hinder the return to the peace in Libya; adding that it is necessary to ask about where these weapons come from.

He also said that the UN had opened the investigations on the sources of these threats, whether through the sea or the lands. He confirmed that the UN would know the sources transparently to be transferred to the Security Council to be considered.

From his side, Messahel called the UN to stop the international sources, which spoil the advancement of political efforts in Libya.

He called all of the Libyan factions to participate in the current political movement to form the national unity government.

Messahel said that his country hosted the Libyan parties to find the political exit from the crisis. He renewed his country’s opposition to the different foreign military interventions in Libya because this will not solve the problem, it will only complicate it.

On the other hand, Kobler said that he supports the limited military operation for the condition of delivering peace in Libya, pointing to the latest American forces participation to support the Libyan forces against the elements of the Islamic State (IS) in Sirte.