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Specialists: We must protect Libyan heritage sites



Experts in the heritage of archaeology in the city of Al-Baida convened, on Thursday, to negotiate the risk of the canceling the five archaeological sites of Cyrene from the international heritage list and the reasons for that. The meeting talked about how to address the issue to preserve the cultural heritage in the five sites that warped by random buildings and the anarchist writing on the walls.

The meeting gathered archaeology specialists in the hall of Asclepius, to study the ability to avoid the cancellation from the list, clarifying that the UN didn’t receive international reports on the situation of these archaeological regions.

The initiative was supervised by Bala Grae organization, the archaeology department at the University of Omar Al-Mukhtar, and the Center of the Judicial Expertise along with efforts of the specialist in Tripoli, which seek to start early steps to find ways to protect the Libyan cultural heritage.