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Misrata and Tawergha sign agreement



The initial agreement was signed, on Wednesday, in Tunisia between Misrata and Tawergha. The deal consisted of 12 articles to ensure the return of the displaced of Tawergha to their city and compensate the affected families and individuals.

The Misrata and Tawergha joint committee that signed the agreement looking forward to ending the problem of the displaced Tawerghan residents, which is considered as one of the biggest and complicated troubles of after the revolution.

After a long time of discussions between the two sides in more than a capital city in the world, they completed their consultations and signed the agreement.

31/August was considered as a historical date to countdown to let the displaced returning under the supervision of the Libyan State.

With this big step, the two sides wish to see Misrata and Tawergha start a new stage in breaking the ice to end the human suffer.