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IS tries to find new location after defeated in Sirte



The Islamic State (IS) group has published a video threatening to slaughter, torture, and murder after its bid defeat at the hands of the forces of the Operation “Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous.”

The IS considers the slaughtering mutilation as Allah’s religion; it still says that it will control all the country and will not stop its terrorist operations against Libyans.

The IS think that it is still able to extend its influence, while it has been defeated by the Libyan forces in Sirte. The IS is trying to transfer the terrorist activities from Libya to other neighboring countries.

In this context, security reports talked about the transmission of nearly thousand terrorists, some of them are IS leaders, to the Libyan borders with Tunisia. The reports added that the US air raids on the IS locations in Sirte would push the elements of the group to locate nearby the boundaries through the city of Sabratha to avoid escaping towards Algerian borders.

From its side, Algeria started building up a sand wall insulator at its borders with Tunisia and Libya to protects its lands from the infiltration of the terrorists. The sand wall will close the borders with Libya from Illizi Province to the triple point between the three neighboring countries.

In the same context, the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights said in a statement that it warns of the proliferation of armed chaos, which made Libya a transit area of the most severe crime for the arms trade.

The latest IS threats are just a desperate try to react to the significant defeat in Sirte. The IS group is looking for new locations, but it is just an illusion.