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Western municipalities call PC to help to bring security – Video



Forces affiliated to the Operation Room for the Western Area of Libya in the city of Al-Zawia launched, on Saturday, a military parade from the center to the eastern checkpoint of the city.

The forces called the Presidential Council (PC) to help in bringing the security and stability to the ten municipalities of the western coast of Libya that signed on the comprehensive agreement.

The Operation Room issued a statement warning the law breakers and the illegal institutions of manipulating of the security of the ten cities and municipalities. The statement added that the forces would beat with an iron fist anyone thinks about damaging safety and stability in the area.

The Room asked the PC to support its efforts to bring the security and fight the negative phenomena in the in the municipalities because these regions are passing through a situation of threat security path.

The statement praised the victories of the Operation “Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous” against the Islamic State (IS) in the city of Sirte.

It is worth mentioning that the municipalities of the Libyan western coast signed, on 6th May, on an agreement of six articles. It included the article of the security and rights, the article of the punishments that will be implemented on the signers in case they breach the articles of the agreement, which targets to stop the clashes between the municipalities. The agreement confirmed to support the security services to do their job in supervising the national reconciliation.

The municipalities and cities that signed the agreement are Zulton, Regdaleen, Al-Jmail, Zuwara, Sabratha, Surman, Al-Zawia the west, and Al-Zawia the south. Moreover, there are 38 municipalities expressed their desire to join the agreement.