Home Reports Al-Maya Mayor welcomes Al-Zawia reconciliation efforts

Al-Maya Mayor welcomes Al-Zawia reconciliation efforts



The Mayor of Al-Maya Municipality, Khaled Ramadan Al-Daas, welcomed the good efforts of the residents of the two cities of Al-Zawia and Wersheffana to reopen the coastal road between them.

He confirmed that the road would be opened for the traffic movement if the official and legal authorities in Libya would form a neutral force to help in reopening the road.

Al-Daas said, in a press release on Monday, that notables of Wersheffana expressed their readiness to open the way in the coming days. He called for signing a comprehensive agreement between the two sides in Al-Zawia and Wersheffana. He also called for compensations for the victims of the war and to know the fate of the abducted of Wersheffana.

Al-Daas asked the Presidential Council (PC) and the Libyan authorities for the reparations and to take the responsibility of protecting the coastal road, pointing that economic situation of Al-Maya and Wersheffana, as well as the neighboring areas, is severely damaged.

He said that the security directorate of Wersheffana needs equipment to facilitate the security inside and outside the city.