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Stabilization Facility Project to support Libyan cities



The Stabilization Facility for Libya Project Board under the supervision of the United Nations has convened in Tunisia and ambassadors of some supporting countries, on Saturday, to discuss the mechanism of supporting three Libyan cities, Benghazi, Ubari, and Kikla.

The meeting agreed on investment projects to rehabilitate Benghazi in the fields of health services, education, and the disposal of sewage. The support will go mainly to the areas of the front line clashes in Benghazi, which suffered from the mass.

The project board has also agreed on supporting the services of health and education in the center of the city of Ubari, south Libya. And to rehabilitate the market in the entrance of the city to encourage the local economy.

Regarding the city of Kikla, the meeting considered the needs and priorities in the area and agreed initially to concentrate on the services of education, health, and psychological support for youth. The final agreement will be issued after more social consultations.

The Minister of Planning of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Taher Al-Jahaimi, said that there would new measures to facilitate the stabilization of the country. He expressed his hope for a quick implementation to meet the actual needs of the citizen, especially in the conflict zones.

The project will work on the rehabilitation of the vital infrastructure and the improvement of the essential services under the UN. The project will evaluate the needs of the citizens through cooperation with the GNA and the civil society in the affected areas.