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Kobler: 2.4 Million Libyans need help



The United Nations envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, said on Friday that the Libyan Crises caused severe human needs in the country. He pointed to the existence of more than 2.4 Million people need human help. The United Nations humanitarian coordinator for Libya, Ali Al-Zaatari, confirmed the same issue, but he attributed the reasons to the chaos after the 2011 revolution.

In the light of difficult security situation in Libya, there are more than 300 thousand children outside the schools without education and over 305 thousand Libyans displaced inside the country. Moreover, there are more than 270 thousand migrants are trying to flee the country and thousands of detainees in inhumane detention centers.

Kobler commented on the situation by saying that we need a collective effort to help “the heroes of Libya,” who struggle working in difficult circumstances to help the affected people in the circle of non-ended violation.