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Millett: Libyan unity is the strongest weapon to face terrorism



The British Ambassador to Libya, Peter Millett, confirmed, on Thursday, that the Libyans unity is the most powerful weapon to face the terrorism, pointing that the United Kingdom supports Libya at all levels.

Millett’s confirmation comes in the context of the international efforts to help Libya in rebuilding the country to ensure stability and security. Different countries are racing to offer their support to Libya in fighting the terrorism.

Millett said that his country praises and appreciates the Libyan victories against the terrorism in all of the country.

Millett said this after his visit to the city of Tobruk, on Wednesday, to listen to the Libyans and to put plans to offer support and help to fight the terrorists and extremists.

Millett stressed that his target to visit Tobruk is to assure his country’s support for all Libyans to rebuild their country in strengthening security and stability.

From his side, the member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Jab-Allah Al-Shebani, said that the members who oppose the Political Agreement (PA) talked to Millett about their point of views on the irregularities and breaches that marred the PA. They also spoke to him about the role of the Libyan Army in fighting terrorism, according to Al-Shebani.